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The glass I work with is of highest quality, which provides beautiful colors with guaranteed compatibility, resulting in products that do not crack. The glass comes to my studio in sheets of 3 mm, as well as in the shape of frits, powders and stringers. Glass objects should be 6 mm thick when finished, which means that I use two layers of glass for each object. This gives me a lot of different possibilities, including the option of catching small air bubbles in between the sheets of glass.

The next fun step is to fuse layers together, which is done at temperature of 816°C/1500°F. A fascinating fact is that if I lower the temperature with only 10°C/50°F, the surface of the object becomes textured. The kiln fuses and cools my objects in a very controlled way and it takes approximately 24 hours before I can see how all the colors have turned out.

After all the adjustments have been made it is time for the next step - slumping. I place the fused 6 mm thick flat object over a ceramic form and heat it to 670°C/1240°F. 24 hours later I can finally hold the nearly finished object in my hands. It is only holding your newborn baby that can beat that feeling...

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